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BitBounce AutoResponder Update


For BitBounce users, one of the most common questions is around when they can turn their autoresponder on and off for specific types of emails like recruiters, or for a certain time period like during a job hunt or otherwise.  

Today we are excited to launch the ability for all BitBounce users to turn their autoresponder on and off, while still enjoying the main benefits of BitBounce: blocking emails from unknown senders and getting paid to see ads in their inbox.



BitBounce users can now decide whether or not they want to send unsolicited or unknown senders an auto response.


Here are 3 simple steps to turn your BitBounce autoresponder on and off at any time

  1. Log into your BitBounce Dashboard here
  2. Click on Settings


     3. Toggle your BitBounce Auto-response on or off


BitBounce will still move emails from unknown senders to your ‘unpaid’ folder as normal. You will also still be eligible to receiving paid emails in your inbox.  


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