Why are you building your own blockchain?


  • Existing Proof of Work blockchains consume huge amounts of energy, are susceptible to mining centralization, and have expensive transaction fees. These are not ideal conditions for the massive transaction infrastructure required to run our applications, which have millions of users and transactions.


  • Proof of Stake blockchains are still in a very nascent state and there are many technical and implementation challenges to solve. We believe our team has the ability and track record to solve these problems.


  • Blockchains that use other types of consensus mechanisms like Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Randomness, Proof of Time etc. are still unproven at scale.


  • We have access to large transaction volume through our various product and applications - BitBounce, BitBounce Ads, and CredoEx - that have millions of users and hundreds of millions of transactions, which would serve as great seed traffic for the blockchain and for mining. We expect this traffic to grow rapidly as our products and applications continue to gain users.


  • The Credo Economy would greatly benefit from having its own native transaction infrastructure, allowing the Credo Economy to have the world’s largest marketplace for email, along with a native exchange, native token, and native blockchain.


  • There need to be many teams and projects working towards creating better blockchains because the current state of infrastructure is not ready for true mass adoption.
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