Buying Credo

As a token of our appreciation and to welcome you, we have deposited your first Credo to your account! 

You are always welcome to purchase additional Credo directly from your BitBounce account. This is useful in the event you wish use Credo on BitBounce or CredoEx to trade. The process is fast, easy and secure. 

To buy additional Credo simply:

  • Click on "Buy Credo" from the upper right hand corner of your dashboard. 



  • Determine the amount of Credo you wish to purchase.
    • As you enter the amount of Credo, the price will be converted to $USD, which will be your total purchase price. 
  • Next select the payment method, then fill out the "Payment Details" fields, including your "CVV" code, which is the 3 digits found on the back of your card. 



  • Once you have entered your payment details, enter your billing information. Please verify that the address you are entering is the address associated with your card. 
  • Click "Pay" to authorize. Once payment is complete, your new Credo, will be added to your wallet. 


  • If you have any questions or are having trouble, please feel free to contact our support team at

NOTE: The minimum purchase amount is 20 Credo



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