Your BitBounce Dashboard

Welcome to your BitBounce dashboard. From here you will be able to view your wallet balance, purchase additional Credo, access and update your account settings, refine your Whitelist, Deposit/Withdraw, and much more! Lets take a deeper dive: 





  1. Tool Bar - The tool bar will always help quickly guide you throughout the different BitBounce features. 
  2. Buy Credo - Your balance is always found here both in Credo and in $USD. If you have not done so yet, take a moment to purchase additional Credo.
    • Wallet - When viewing your dashboard, your wallet balance is displayed here in Credo. By clicking on your wallet you will be able to view your balance in $USD. 
    • Remember, your first Credo is on us- as you continue to earn or buy more Credo, you will be able to quickly withdraw by clicking the "Wallet" button found in the Tool Bar.
  3. BitBounce Trends - Gain valuable insight and trends into the number of BiBounce bounced emails over a given time. Understanding your trends will help you determine the right value for your time. Adjust your view by clicking through the different date ranges found in the upper right hand corner. 
    • Paid Emails - The total number of emails you paid to ensure delivery.
    • BitBounced Emails - Total number of emails BitBounced over the given date range.
    • Seconds Saved - Besides earning Credo, earn back your time. View your estimated time saved through the use of BitBounce.
  4. Paid Emails Received - Recent paid emails that you have received. When someone pays to reach you, their emails will appear here.
  5. Whitelist Requests - When someone send you a request, their name and email will appear here. 
    • Approve - Click here to approve and whitelist contacts that you wish to receive emails from
    • Deny - Click to deny any contacts which you wish to request payment prior to receiving an email. 




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