How do I add or remove an email account from BitBounce?

BitBounce is a unique solution to fighting spam. Quite simply, if someone you don’t know wants to send you an email, they must pay you. The payment you receive is paid out in cryptocurrency, and users get to set the amount they are paid for each email.


Updating your BitBounce Account 

Sometimes, as consumers we like to update our email accounts, whether we add a new one or simply want to stop using an old one. While whitelisting your contacts will help you engage with emails you wish to receive, or request payment from unknown email senders, we can quickly add or remove entire email accounts from BitBounce. 


  • Simply login into your BitBounce account by going to Click "Sign In" from the top right hand corner.  



  • Enter your email address and password. If you do not remember your password, click on "Forgot Password" and a password reset link will be emailed over to you. Follow the instruction within the email to reset your password then login. 
    • NOTE: If you have multiple email addresses registered with BitBounce. It is important that your login using using the original email account used to signup with. 



  • Once you have logged in, on the left hand side of your dashboard, click on "Settings" from the navigation bar. 




  • Once you are in settings, scroll down to view your "Linked Email Accounts". If you wish to add a new email account select "Add New" (1)
  • To turn BitBounce "Off" toggle the "On" button to the "Off" position by clicking the button (2). 
    • This is especially useful, if you wish to update your whitelist or make additional adjustments, while keeping BitBounce to off. Remember you can always come back later to turn back on. 
  • To remove an account completely, click on the "X" (3) to delete an email completely. Once you click on the "X" you will see a confirmation screen.



  • Select "Remove" to confirm account removal, otherwise select "Cancel" to navigate back. 




We all receive a ton of unsolicited emails. While some of it may be of value, the majority is either annoying or is linked to some form of scam. Most of the annoying spam is sent by bulk spammers. They know that only a very small fraction of the all the email they send will result in a response, but that’s okay because they can literally send millions of emails for free.

As BitBounce grows, and more users sign up, the relationship between email senders and receivers will change too. Being paid to receive email may seem novel now, but in time it will become standard practice.


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