How to add an iCloud email account


Enabling two factor authentication is an important step to protect your account and information. When setting up your iCloud account with BitBounce, you are required to use app-specific passwords in order to sign in securely to your account.

During the iCloud account setup:   

Select the iCloud option



Open a new tab and access your Apple ID account


Under the security section, click "Generate Password..." for "APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS" then click "Create"




Copy your app-specific generated password.




Go back to your BitBounce tab and enter your iCloud email address and enter the app-specific password copied from previous tab. 

Click continue to finish adding your email account. 



 NOTE: If you have not previously enabled Two-Factor Authentication with your iCloud account. You will need enable prior to setting up your BitBounce account with iCloud. This can quickly be completed once you have signed into iCloud. 



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