Updating your Whitelist

Whether you have already imported your contacts during setup or you need to add to your list, click on the "Whitelist" tab to update your approved contacts, add approved domains, approve pending requests, or delete from your whitelist.  


  1. Contact Sync - Turn on to automatically sync your contacts to your whitelist. Once you have turned this feature on, all new contacts will be added to your whitelist as well. 
  2. Whitelist Notification - Send a notification to your contacts as they are added to your whitelist. 
  3. Add Domain - As we engage with multiple organizations, it might be easier to simply add entire domains to your whitelist. Simply click on the "+" sign and begin adding your bank, favorite airline, online store, or anywhere else you wish to receive emails from. 
  4. Add Individual- If you have selected to not update your whitelist through our sync feature, or if you have not added an individual as a contact, click on the "+" sign and quickly approve your contact directly through BitBounce. 












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