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 In order to get the most out of BitBounce, we recommend taking a few moments to update your Whitelist. While BitBounce will automatically sync and whitelist your contacts for you, as you meet new people, or discover new domains you would like to receive emails from, updating your whitelist will help you determine the emails you want to receive versus the emails you want to be paid to receive.  


Clicking on "Whitelist" from your navigation Tool Bar takes you to your Whitelist management page. From here take action by approving or denying requests, manage your contacts and domains, and add new contacts or domains.  

  • Requests - Contacts that have requested to be Whitelisted. It is important to only approve those contacts that you recognize and/or wish to receive emails from.
    • In order to to approve a request, simply click on the "check mark" or the "X" to deny. 
  • Contacts - Your current whitelist contacts.
    • Click on the red "X" to remove a current contact from your whitelist. 
  • Domains - Your current whitelisted domains.
    • Click on the red "X" to remove a domain from your whitelist. 

When adding a new contact, simply add your contacts email address and click "Add Contact".

Similarly, if you wish to add a new domain, for example your bank, simply add the bank domain (website address) then click "Add Domain". 



You can always update your whitelist settings to: 

  • Automatically sync your contact list with your whitelist, so emails from your contacts will never get bounced.
  • Notify whitelist members that their address has been added to your whitelist and they are able to email you for free.
  • Trust intros from Whitelists so email addresses that are CC’d on emails from your whitelist members will be added to your whitelist.

This can be updated under "Whitelist Settings" which is found in "Settings" in your Tool Bar

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